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 !Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: !Forum Rules!   !Forum Rules! EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 3:22 am

OK, to keep it simple until more administrators are able to come along and help with rules and ideas for other activities (in which there will need to be penalties for rule-breaking) I want to get straight to the point. This is a forum of the soon to be closed CoS Forums (Chamber of Secrets Forums). My goal is to get people familiar with this forum so they can shift over comfortably once the other site is closed for good. [Sad] So, it is important that I strongly agree with the rules and activities they already have going on over there as well. It is important to note as well that not all of the threads from CoS are converted to over here and that mainly has to do with the fact that they were dying threads to begin with. However, if you wish to see a topic thread opened here, request so in McGonagall's Office please. As for Emoticons, they are not completely the same as CoS, and if someone would like to work on that, send me a PM and I will be glad to let you become a part of that project. Codes, on the other hand, should be the same for the most part. With further testing I will find out more.

More of a *Note rather than a rule, but please note that I did not make this skin and it is particularly hard to see links in a post. If you wish to post a link and want someone to see it, use the code [ u ] [ /u ] (without the spaces) for an easy visual.

As for the rules:

1) This forum is family friendly. Do not post foul language, insult, or be rude to other members on the site. Anything that seems inappropriate to a staff member or I can be taken down. This goes for posts, threads, signatures, and the likes. Also be aware that your fellow members can flag anything they deem inappropriate as well. DO NOT BE DISRESPECTFUL it is as simple as that.

2) Your privacy is what you give on this site. You are not requested to put your age, birthday, or where you live in your profile or in any of your posts. In fact, it is suggested that you do not post this information due for your own personal security reasons. However, if you do post this information, you will not be punished for doing so. Though, do note that if you add your home address in your profile or in a post, administrators can and will delete the information. If it is a repeat defense, you will be warned.

  • Ex. Oh yeah! I totally live on 5555 W Chimichonga Rd. in Bruno Mars City!

THAT IS A NO-NO!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, please, that this site is here for everyone to enjoy, have fun, and remain in a safe environment. We do this because we care!

3) Going along with being respectful to your fellow members, please remember to respect your staff. They aren't paid, and all their time is voluntary. They just want to watch out for you as members and enjoy a job they like to do. As of now there are Administrators, Head of Houses, Professors, and Prefects. I, Maelody, and your head Administrator and I would hope it is pretty easy to recognize me. The Head of Houses will have a banner nominating as to which House they will be in charge of (there being either 4 or 8 all together), and then I will make the Prefects and Professors recognizable as well. Either way, since you are respecting your fellow members, you shouldn't get confused as to who your staff is since you're following the rules already. Right?

4) The search engine is your friend. What use is having a topic if there are others exactly like it more popular than yours? Check the search engine to see if your topic has been talked about. If not, then please feel free to post it (if it is appropriate of course!) If you see a post similar, join in the already discussed topic. If you are unsure, feel free to PM the Mod of the particular area you are in.

5) Do not get chatty where chit chat does not belong. There is a specific thread: Let's Have A Chat #1. If there is excessive chatter going on in threads it does not belong, you are spamming and no one likes a spammer. Your posts will be deleted, and your post count will go down. If it is a repeat offense, not only will you be warned, but I have a special logo just for spammers. Lets not get to that point though, shall we?

6) Piracy: We all know it is an issue. This is the internet after all. It is something everyone is encouraged to look after, but do know that if there is any form of file sharing on the site caught by a Mod the parties involved will receive points for doing so. This means no links to movies, books, or anything that is free, or that is not meant to be free and sold by the rightful owner of the property you are giving away. It's bad people. Just don't do it. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

7) No offensive outside material on this site. This goes along with your personal safety, the safety of others, and downright respect. If you wish to share a picture, blog, or your own Facebook account, you are definitely allowed to do so. However, if there is offensive material that can be seen through your link, or in a shared material, you can be warned for sharing the link in the first place. You won't be warned for what is on your Facebook that you weren't able to filter, but for putting something up that has the potential to be offensive to others. It is probably best recommended you do not share personal information anyway, for it makes you feel safer and it does not bother other members. Also, there should be no offensive slang, pictures (such as nudes are nearly nudes), or links anywhere in your posts, along with your signature. Once reported you will automatically receive points for the offense. HOWEVER, if you feel that you are about to share something that your viewers may not be used to, but they can handle it, putting a rating on it that you see fit can keep you out of trouble. If a staff worker comes up and sees that your warning is appropriate, you yourself are out of a warning. Just remember, it is for the safety and respect of your viewers.

8 ) As for Houses and Common rooms, see Houses, Year, and Post Count for more detail.

9) Only staff members can give House points. If you have been awarded points, rather for helping someone out, winning a contest, or a staff member was in a particularly good mood, then you will get a PM about it and most likely a response in the thread to which you earned said points. It is then the staff members job to put points in the daily log and update House points every day. To see the current House points, go here.

As for now, I do believe I have everything I would like to cover until more mods are able to come and help out. However, I would hope most of this is pretty explanatory and we can all abide by these rules fairly easily. Feel free to email Me, and once I get more helpers I will link their profiles here as well so they are easily accessible. Happy foruming!

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!Forum Rules!
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