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 The Library Rules

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PostSubject: The Library Rules   The Library Rules EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 7:30 am

To keep it very, very simple and easy to follow, here are some rules crossing over form CoS, and I will add a few of my own.
CoSForums wrote:

All stories must be within the Harry Potter universe. Crossovers are allowed, such as a Harry Potter/Hunger Games fanfiction would be OK, but not a straight up Hunger Games story.

Same-sex fiction is allowed, but no higher than a PG-13 rating.

No Adult/Child relationships, nor Human/Creature relationships.

There should be no graphic fiction depicting sexual or violent encounters that. This includes scenes or rape, incest, R-rated explicit violence or swearing.

Please do not steal other people's work.

If you wish to post someone else's HP story, please get permission from the author first.

If you are unsure about your story, please post your synopsis to a member of staff and we'll assist you.

If you see any fanfiction here that you find offensive or violates these guidelines, please let the staff know by using the "Report post" button, located at the bottom of each post.

Sorry, the crossover rule in the beginning was added by me. Anyway, continuing on:

Please make sure all stories are easy to read and follow some sort of spelling and grammatical flow. It does not matter if you use the British terms or American terms, or if your English isn't all that great. So long as you are not typing an entire story as follows:

Ron wnt out 2 ply QUidDitch nd den he dead.

Please. Please, do not submit anything like above. I, as a loyal and constant fanfiction writer, love having the free will to post my chapter when it is ready. Most every other site makes you get a beta reader, which takes a few days, and then it is processed through the moderators to even be allowed on the site, which takes another couple of days or more. I trust you to be able to take care of yourselves, and if you still insist on getting a beta reader, that's great! A job well done to you! But do not ruin it for everyone else.

If you have any questions as to if your story is appropriate or not, PM a staff member moderation the fanfiction section with your questions and they will see to answering you with the best of their knowledge.

Follow these rules at all times! If there are repeat problems, or the rules aren't settling in, as much as I would hate to do it, I will make it so fanfiction must be processed before being published. Every chapter.

Though, do not think that you are getting away with writing a story about whatever you want. Mods will be constantly checking up on the stories and making sure if they are appropriate or not. If they stumble upon your story and decide it is not appropriate, they can still delete either the chapter, or the whole story and warn you.

Again, the fanfiction section is my favorite, so please follow the rules. Keep it clean. I've seen it work so well over at CoS for the last seven years, so I know that it should work here. If you have any problems, concerns, or questions, feel free to PM me anytime!
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The Library Rules
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