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 The Study Group Rules

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The Study Group Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Study Group Rules   The Study Group Rules EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 7:36 am

The Study Group section is for writers who have written a submission of fanfiction in the Library who wishes to get feedback on their story. If the author wishes for feedback, they will start their own thread. If they do not wish for any, at least not in an outward appearance, you cannot take it upon yourself to start a feedback thread for another author. Respect their wishes and maybe send them a PM of what you thought about their story.

Feedback is meant for constructive criticism, not chatting. It is always nice to come in and say that you enjoyed the story, but remember, these authors want help in getting better so they want to know what they can do to improve.

Never comment in someone's feedback saying that "I hated the story. You did a terrible job." That is in no way helpful to the author and all you did was ruin their day. It is in no way constructive or helpful. If you do not like a story, do not feel the need to share it with everyone. Just do not comment on it.

I think this covers it. If you have any questions, PM me or a staff worker.

Oh, and make sure there is only one feedback thread for each story. If you have ten different stories, then you can have a feedback thread for each story, but one story can not have ten different feedback threads unless a staff member sees that your thread is getting too full and you need to start a new one to save space for the forum.
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The Study Group Rules
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