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 Reminder of Sirius Black's Portrait Rules

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Reminder of Sirius Black's Portrait Rules Empty
PostSubject: Reminder of Sirius Black's Portrait Rules   Reminder of Sirius Black's Portrait Rules EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 7:41 am

Short and simple, remember [u]the forum rules. There should be no nude, nor nearly nude pictures. Nothing offensive, and no slander. You are free to post your Harry Potter or non Harry Potter work here, rather they be computer design, 3D models, drawings, or what have you, but please respect your audience. If you wish to show more explicit material, I suggest you stick to Deviant Art. Remember, links can be warned if they lead to unsafe areas for our members. If you feel that something you are about to link us to may have stronger ratings than your viewers are used to, give it your own rating (as long as you see fit). If the staff worker agrees, you won't be warned. Just warn your viewers out of respect. Thank you.
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Reminder of Sirius Black's Portrait Rules
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