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 Houses, Year, and Post Count

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Houses, Year, and Post Count Empty
PostSubject: Houses, Year, and Post Count   Houses, Year, and Post Count EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 5:23 am

I am going to cut to the chase here. I want you guys to have fun around here, I really do. So, I added the House Common Rooms to the boards. Now, anyone can go into these Houses, but you are [b]not[/i] allowed to post there unless you are a member of that House. You must also be sorted by either the Sorting Hat in The Sorting Room or by Pottermore. If you wish to go by your House on Pottermore, email the one of the Heads of your house and show them proof of your sorting. An easy way to do this is to give them your username on Pottermore so they can see that you are being honest. I really want everyone to have fun with this without having to lock up the threads for them. If you are commenting in another House, not only can you be warned, but you can lose House points for your own House. As for those who are unsorted, you can just be warned or given points until you are either sorted or until you decide to leave the Common Rooms alone. The reason I am leaving these unlocked is because 1) House Unity, and 2) I do not tolerate talking behind other's backs. Common Rooms are not a place for you to explain to the rest of your House mates how much you hate a specific Slytherin or Gryfindor. Not that you would be able to get away with it either way, but this way everyone can see just how mean you really are.

You are not forced to get a House. If you do not wish to take part in the common rooms, you do not have to be sorted. Or, if you want to be sorted but not participate, that is OK as well. The sorting is just so everyone can have a bit of fun, play games, chat, and have in or out of House competitions with one another.

There will also be Prefects for each of the Houses as well, so do not think you will go un-monitored if your Head of House is not online.

Any staff member will be able to post in any House as they see fit.

The Heads of Houses are: (we are currently taking applications here).





Now, as for the Post Count and your year?

The year you are in will have to do with your post count. It works like this:

The first 100 posts you make will promote you to a first year.
The next hundred will promote you to a second year.
The next hundred will promote you to a third year.
The next hundred will promote you to a fourth year.
The next hundred will promote you to a fifth year.
The next two hundred will promote you to a sixth year.
The next 299 will promote you to a seventh year.

The reason for the odd jumps is because I found it is very difficult to change the post count here, and it would not go higher than a thousand. I decided a 1,000 is far too long to wait anyway.

Be careful, however. If you reach too many years too fast, a staff member may check up on you to see if you're spamming. There are special banners for spammers, if you aren't banned that is. Otherwise, you can jump from one year to the next whenever you like, as long as you aren't spamming and your posts are meaningful and full of discussion.

To put it simply:

100 posts = First Year
200 posts = Second Year
300 posts = Third Year
400 posts = Fourth Year
500 posts = Fifth Year
700 posts = Sixth Year
999 posts = Seventh Year

Your reward for graduating each year? An added star to your profile. Perhaps one day we will come up with something different for those who graduate their seventh year, but as of now there isn't anything.

I think that about sums it up. If you have any questions, feel free to PM Me.
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Houses, Year, and Post Count
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