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 The Warning System

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PostSubject: The Warning System   The Warning System EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 3:34 am

I will just be blatantly honest here, I really like the warning system CoS has come up with. It has always been fair, and I have met few who could not follow through with it. So, I will be using it here as well for an easy, stress-free change for most of you and something easy to follow for the new comers.

CosForums wrote:
For every warning received a penalty point is added to the users profile, which is something only staff members will be able to see. Upon the member reaching 5 penalty points, they will be automatically banned from the site.
  • Member breaks the rules
    - Member is warned, 1 point added to profile. 30 day review begins
    Staff informed of warning
    - - Member breaks rules before 30 day review has concluded
    - - - Member warned again, 1 point added to profile (2 points accumulated), 30 day review begins again.
  • Staff updated
    - - - - Member passes 30 day period without a warning, 1 point removed from profile (1 point remaining).
    Staff updated
    ...and so on.

The warning system incoroporates everything from violations of our signature content policy to any of our zero tolerance violations. Of course, there will still be instant bannings for serious offences and we will penalise you with 2 points for 'Above the threshold' offences as listed below and a 60 day review:
  • Abuse towards staff
  • Abuse towards members
  • Offensive signatures
  • Love Thread offense
  • DoIMC offense
  • Repeated off topic behaviour
  • Promoting illegal practises such as downloading music/movies or taking drugs.
  • Spam/Troll (although normally they will be removed from the site instantly)
  • Posting overly violent and sexually explicit fan fiction
    For the above offenses, 1 point will be removed every 30 days

  • 1 point per warning, 2 points for greater offenses added to profile
  • 30 days to lose point, extended if further warnings received.
  • 5 points accumulated results in automatic banning
  • Instant bannings still in place for serious offenses.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your questions here.
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The Warning System
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