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 Everyone MUST Read For Questions On Point Logs

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Everyone MUST Read For Questions On Point Logs Empty
PostSubject: Everyone MUST Read For Questions On Point Logs   Everyone MUST Read For Questions On Point Logs EmptySat Mar 30, 2013 6:50 am

This thread is for everyone who has questions about points, staff members to check up on daily, and students to watch their points. It is very important as staff members that you PM me the points given every day, even if you didn't give out any points. Students are allowed to look back here to make sure their points have been recorded. It is not as important to update The House Points For House Cup 2013 thread because the points can be tallied later, however this is the most important part of the whole system if we want it to work correctly. My best suggestion is you don't hand out points like crazy. So, staff members, what you are to do is PM me the points you give every time you give points out. If at the end of the day you haven't given any away, still send me a PM letting me know so I don't come hunting you down for points.

Title the PM with your name and the date you gave the points.


Maelody [3/30/2013]

Your best bet is to email me immediately after you give any points away. OR take them away for that matter. Inside the PM should be:


3/30/2013 I gave OwlHoot23: 5 points.

I do not care if you have to email me multiple times a day, I would rather have every point accountable and not have any students forgotten! It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep a log of what points you give and take away either, to make sure neither of us are messing up.

The purpose here is to be reliable and accountable to the members/students who really wish to partake in a nice challenge. Again, don't necessarily go handing the points out like candy. In fact, it's good to be the one who rarely is impressed enough to just give out points. Just be sure to let me know if you did or did not take any.

I will log each day in a thread of it's own. Students are allowed to check the threads, but not post in them. If students or staff members have any questions or concerns please ask here and do not bother the daily logs!
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Everyone MUST Read For Questions On Point Logs
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